NEW RELEASE: Dom Vs. Domme 2: The Rematch

I am the man who has everything. Money. Power. Men - and women -would give anything to be me, and to have my girlfriend.

Kathryn is more than a regal beauty, though. She's my partner. My better half. The woman I would die for should the cosmos declare a sacrifice be made.

Soon, she'll be my wife.

We've been down this road before. Kathryn doesn't like marriage. I don't care. She may already be mine, but I must know that I am hers as well.

Even when our world is self-destructing around us, as it soon does.

Call me what you will. Tell me I don't appreciate my boyfriend. Condemn me for being a bad girlfriend, because it's been four years and I still won't marry him. Why should I have to prove to the world what he already knows in his heart?

The world is finding out too much about me as it is. The greatest secrets of my past have been exposed, and it will take a miracle for me to survive the humiliation.

I can't look Ian in the eyes anymore. Not even when he tips my chin up and says he'll do whatever I need for him to make this right.

Because what you - and he - don't understand is that our rivalry isn't over. We may be in love, but our petty feud remains. I need things from him that he has never given me...

Just like he needs one thing from me that I've said I'll never give.


We'll see who gives first.

Dom Vs. Domme 2 Is the sequel to the hit billionaire romance Dom Vs. Domme starring Cynthia's power couple Kathryn and Ian. It can still be read as a standalone story.