NEW RELEASE: Menage a Trois

One needs healing…

Heartbroken redhead Rebecca Pruitt is escaping her toxic past when she bumps into the last thing she needs – but everything she wants.

Business power couple Caitlyn Adams and Jane Wong fancy Becca from the moment they see her in an airline lounge. Jane’s tenacious flirtations and Caitlyn’s beauty queen charms are almost enough to draw Becca into their private plane for the night.’

Another desires recognition…

Instead, she steps into their office a few days later and seals her fate. Becca not only becomes the shared executive assistant at Adams & Wong, the new venture capitalist firm in town, but also their shared girlfriend.

None of them are strangers to aspects of this arrangement. Caitlyn and Jane are pros at entertaining a third in their relationship, but have yet to find their match made in Heaven. Becca still isn’t over the successful woman she dumped to save her own life.

And another simply wants to be a family…

Too bad Becca is hiding a secret from the new girlfriends who give her everything she’s ever wanted. So is Jane, who yearns to come clean. And Caitlyn? What she keeps from Becca could ruin everything they’ve built in such short time.

In this house of three, nothing is conventional, but everything has the potential to unite them… or break them.