Sarah is in over her head trying to deal with her recent trauma. Never did she think her screwups would land her in the lap of Lucas Blackbourne, a Danish billionaire with an undying love for broken women.

She's taking back what was stolen from her. He's the bonus.



Released: May 31st, 2017
Available in Amazon / KU!
Publisher: Barachou Press
Price: $4.99


All I wanted was a love life...

Sarah Clayborn's encounter with Lucas Blackbourne was supposed to be a one-time affair. A tenuous balm on her frigid heart that refuses to heal. But when she returns to work Monday morning and discovers that Lucas is helping her boss for the foreseeable future?

Two halves start to become whole again. And it's not pretty.

Why the hell does he want me so much!

So begins the courtship that was never meant to be. Whether reading between the lines or between the sheets, Lucas has no idea who Sarah really is or what she's been through. Nor does she know to what extent he's willing to fight for the people he loves.

"What do you want, Angel?" he always asks me.

What does Sarah want? Choice. A future. A sense of belonging in a world often too cruel to bear.

To be empowered.

But she can't reclaim her life on her own.



“You presume to know my greatest regrets yet.” A growl powered through the undercurrent of his voice. Still, he did not look away from her eyes. 

“No. I presume to know what you desire, sir.”


He was fishing for the perfect answer. If Sarah failed to supply it, she could kiss this encounter goodbye. 

“Because I want you just as badly.”

Lucas eyed her with careful consideration. He sucked one of his cheeks into his mouth before looking away. He crossed his legs. She kept her grin of triumph to herself.

“You don’t even know me, Angel.”

“That’s supposed to be my line, Lucas.”

He stood up behind her. His presence enveloped her, inviting her back against his chest, arms wrapped protectively around her. Sarah caught the eye of the server who had brought her the scotch. The woman smiled in approval and flashed the number four in her direction. Room 4 is available. Good to know. 

“This whole night is so backward. Next you’ll be telling me you want to be on top.”

“Actually,” she said with a happy sigh, “I’d much rather you take the lead on that. If you don’t mind.”

“This has got to be some kind of trap.” Lucas bit his knuckle, as if he could barely restrain himself from grabbing her and hauling her off to the nearest bed. What’s stopping you? I don’t have all night. “What’s your story, Angel?”

“Don’t you know the story of any angel, sir?” Sarah stepped away, her hand lingering against his chest. His hard, devilish chest that was a greater siren song than that warm voice echoing in her ears. “Once we’re doing shit like this on Earth, we’re considered fallen goods.”

“A fallen angel hasn’t done anything good with her existence.”

“If you don’t consider doing this something good,” she began, walking in the direction of Room #4, “then I don’t know what to tell you. You either want me or you don’t, Lucas. No strings attached. Should be a dream for you.” She winked at him. 

He followed her.