Games We Play

Leah the boutique baker and Sloan the billionaire investor may come from two very different backgrounds... but they share a pair of deep, dark secrets that have turned them into the women they are today.

Kinky. Lonely. And absolutely perfect for each other.

They just have to believe it.

Games We Play
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Released: February 8th, 2018
Publisher: Barachou Press
Price: $5.99
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At Leah’s 30th birthday party, she meets a woman whom she’s convinced is paid to entertain her for the evening. But in the following days, she discovers that Ms. Margaret Sloan, one of the most cutthroat businesswomen in the world, thought Leah was the paid professional she hired while in Portland for the weekend.

Sloan fears a lawsuit. Leah fears her only chance for a whirlwind romance is about to fly off to Thailand or Switzerland. Too bad they’re both keeping dire secrets that could doom whatever feelings they have.

Oh, the devilish games they’re about to play…