Just Friends

Neither Rachel the freelance translator nor Zack the wayward artist give a crap about finding love. 

Too bad that's what slaps them in the face when they meet! And too bad Rachel has just made a vow of celibacy for the rest of the summer...

Released: September 18th, 2017
Publisher: Barachou Press
Price: $4.99


Neither of them wants romance.

Too bad that's what they desperately need.

Rachel Taylor's freelance business barely pays her own bills, let alone her mother's. Her social life is confined to one friend working at the neighborhood coffee shop. And her love life? Duds and heartbreakers.

Then hot, young, and artistically talented Zachary Feldman walks into her life. Too bad she's just made a vow of celibacy.

Sometimes what an old, broken heart needs is a second chance at love.
Playboy Zack, third son of the affluent Feldman Steel empire, doesn't have a lot expected of him. Which is why he spends his whole day on his yacht when he's not pursuing his next artistic endeavor.

Women are amusements. And no one amuses him more than Rachel, the beguiling woman he meets in a quiet coffee shop.

"I'm not ashamed to say I'm halfway to loving you."

A game of hard to get culminates with Rachel agreeing to one thing: being "just friends" with a man who has made his intentions clear.

Set on the serene waters, in the creative studio, and beneath the hot lights of a bangin' Indian wedding, JUST FRIENDS is the perfect way to end your summer romance reading.



He stopped himself from doing more. Not because he was suddenly slapped with the morality stick, but because he didn’t want to scare her away. I have a feeling that grabbing and kissing her would be a bad, bad idea. Rachel had erected a firm boundary between them for a reason. Zack didn’t know why. Maybe she had been burned in a recent relationship. Maybe she wasn’t into sex. Maybe she really was gay and simply playing with his head.

She didn’t owe him an answer. She didn’t owe him anything.


“Yeah?” She turned around, one hand held up to her mouth. The sweatshirt sleeve slipped down her arm. A woman had never looked more enticing in a baggy sweatshirt… let alone Zack’s baggy sweatshirt.

You should be in my apartment right now. Zack pushed those thoughts away. Or we should be in your apartment right now. We should be in bed, having sex while I piece together why I’m so attracted to you.

What if he was only attracted to her because his brain had twisted her actions as some game of hard to get?

He took a step back. “Have a good night.”

Rachel came after him.

Ho boy. She was coming after him. What had she forgotten? Something she wanted to tell him? Something…

“You too.”

She stood up on her tiptoes and planted a light kiss on his cheek.

It was friendly. Sweet. The kind of kiss a little sister would give her big brother after a fun day out together. There was no reason for that kiss to destroy every lick of common sense in his brain.

It didn’t help that his whole body shook in anticipation. Or that his brain fried as if left in the summer sun all day. Or that his other brain woke up and asked where the party was.

Right here, asshole. Her name was Rachel Taylor, and Zack wanted her more than he had wanted any other woman that year.

Perhaps in his life.


She said that, yet the rest of her words were muffled. Because Zack was a monumental dumbass who couldn’t get a hold of himself.

He had to kiss her. Now.

Rachel shoved him away from her the moment his lips landed on hers. He was not shocked when she smacked his arm with enough aggression to get the point across.

Shit. He had fucked up. Bad.

“Rachel, I’m sorry.” He turned around. Shame? Was that what he felt? I never feel shame! How embarrassing. That too! “Shit!”

Zack wanted to show himself out. Go home. Nurse his ego and maybe send another apologetic message to Rachel, while hoping for the best. Whatever. He had fucked up. This was the end of their short, friendly tryst. With any luck, Rachel didn’t know any big, burly guys who owed her some favors. Zack was strong, but he didn’t have any black belts.


A small hand wrapped around his before he could grab the door handle and escape into the night. When he turned around again, he found Rachel.

Coming for him.

Ah, well, he probably deserved whatever she was about to do to him. Slap him across the face. Punch him in the nuts. Bash a chair over his head. Mace, right in the eyes. That would show his privileged ass what he could get away with.

Or, he supposed, she could kiss him like she hadn’t pushed him away for kissing her.

Zack didn’t think twice. Perhaps that was his problem. He hadn’t done much thinking lately. But, for once, it was a good thing. Because not thinking meant he was ready to grab Rachel and kiss her so hard that they would both see stars for the rest of the night.

The same stars exploding behind his eyelids right now. Because it was impossible to kiss Rachel with his eyes open. He had to close them and savor every delicate second passing…

Oh. And the tongue in his mouth. He should probably savor that too.
Well! Someone had upped the ante!

“Mmf!” That was not a protest bubbling in her throat. That was encouragement. Namely, encouragement to shove her against the wall and kiss her until they ran out of breath.

Few women kissed him this passionately. Few women made him feel like the billion dollars some of the money magazines said he had in trust funds sprinkled across numerous foreign accounts. Few women could kiss Zack and awaken one of the most dormant feelings inside of him.

A kiss hadn’t been this mind blowing since…

Few women were able to remind him of that faraway love and make him blissfully forget at the same time.

God only knew where this was going to go next. They were in Rachel’s apartment building, for fuck’s sake. Zack was getting harder by the second and he was famished enough to rip off her clothes right there in the lobby. From the way she let herself go all over him, Rachel was this close to inviting him up to her place… and into her body.