Kiss & Tell

Advice author Victoria Nicholson is about to embark on the biggest world tour of her life. Too bad her girlfriend's dumped her before her moment of her glory. Now her publisher's demanding a woman on Victoria's arm at every event. Any woman.

Enter New York escort Madison Ricci, a woman rebounding Victoria instantly falls for. But is it mutual? And how far is too far when it comes to exchanging money for love?

Kiss & Tell
Released: July 26th, 2017
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Publisher: Barachou Press
Price: $4.99
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Lust and love collide. And it's a mess.


Heiress Victoria is about to embark on a world tour marketing her new advice book for lesbians. The public demands to meet her socially reclusive girlfriend, the woman of Victoria's inspiration.

Too bad the girlfriend leaves her. For another woman. (In a RV...)

Victoria's broken heart only sees two options: cancel the tour, or go alone. Her publisher, however, demands a woman on her arm.

Any. Woman.


When Madison's boss at the escort agency sets her up with Victoria, she leaves out one little thing.

Namely, that Madison's new client is a woman!

Madison has never been with a woman before. But two weeks together forces her to choose between a tenuous love with a woman on the verge of a heartbroken breakdown, or taking her career to the ultimate level.


Victoria is willing to have a rebound. Madison is willing to court a new client.
 Both are going to have to massively compromise if they want to bring their hot fling back to America.

It ain't gonna be easy!