The Monroe Trilogy

The hardest, most alpha billionaire in the bunch has met his fated match in Alice Culver. But can she live up to Dam Monroe's lofty expectations of her? He'll stain her, train her, and help her reign over his vast and glorious corporate empire. Only his father stands in their way.


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Released: September 16th, 2016
Publisher: Barachou Press
Price: $4.99


"His instant lust was palpable. His instant love was unbelievable. The instant legacy we created? That was fate."

Alice doesn’t know she will succumb to the gravity that is Damon Monroe, the only heir to his family’s mighty legacy.

But he does.

From the moment they meet at his exclusive nightclub, Monroe insists that Alice is his fated match, foretold almost fifteen years ago when he didn’t believe in love. His need for her costs her more than one job. His drive to continue his family’s legacy has her making more than one mistake. And his instant lust that transforms into instant love for a woman named Alice Culver?

That makes her the only one who can destroy him.

Alice doesn’t know she will completely change one of the most powerful families in America. She doesn’t know she will become one of the most hated yet revered women in the corporate world.

Everything she doesn’t know, Monroe will teach her. He will stain her, train her, and then help her reign over his empire.

All she has to do is show up to work one night. Fate will take over from there



Monroe extended his silencing finger from his lips to hers. Guess I'll shut up. Where was the light going? The air? Alice held her breath in case it was the difference between staying alive and suffocating.

"Two words, Ms. Culver." His voice was the air now. Gentle. Thick. Quiet. Alice thought she had to strain to hear him. On the contrary, the room was so quiet she could hear her own heart beating. "Yes. No. That's it. Those are the only words you're allowed to say for now. Do you understand?"

She swallowed. Bile? Hopefully not. "Yes," she squeaked, even though she had no idea what was going on. "Yes, sir."

"Ah. I suppose I should allow that as a third word. Sir is fine. I like the way you say 'sir,' Ms. Culver. Very much so."

Another gulp, eyes wide, hands curling into nervous fists. What's going on? Is he flirting with me? No. No way. This man did not flirt. He was rich. Handsome. Confident. Those types of men didn't flirt. They demanded. Up front.

Oh. My. God.

Alice realized why Susan was really steering her away from Mr. Monroe. That reason was coming for her right now.

She stumbled back against the couch, landing with bowed legs and hands snatching the armrest. She had fluffed these pillows, too!

Monroe loomed over her, refraining from touching her, but his fingers twitching in delight. For her? Really?

He had a spirit strong enough to make her recognize it earlier that night. His body? Ha! The more he loomed over her, arms surrounding her as he lowered his lips toward hers, the more Alice recognized an exquisite beauty to him. Somehow this man took classic masculinity and drove it up to eleven... thousand.

That cologne bloomed around her countenance. A hundred blossoms flowered, their scent overwhelming her as his stubble grazed her cheek. He was this close?

Alice was far from a kissing virgin, whether vanilla or the French variety. Nevertheless, she felt like the most inexperienced lass in the cosmos when Monroe whispered, "Yes?"

That wildly thumping heart within Alice's rib cage knew exactly what he meant. "Y..." No, no! This was wrong.

This was terrible! She should not be in this situation while on the job! No matter how handsome her boss was! No! Say no, dummy!


The word barely eked from her lips when Monroe kissed hers.