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"Two households, both alike in dignity; From ancient grudge break to new mutiny."
The Mitchells and the Halls are embroiled in the most heated gubernatorial election the state has ever seen.. Kerri Mitchell, the governor's debutante daughter, yearns for a life free from her family's controlling grasp. A life where her worth isn't based on how vapid and innocent she can appear on the evening news.

Hunter Hall doesn't see eye-to-eye with his father, Governor Mitchell's nemesis. He's tired of the campaigning, the false promises, and the dirty mudslinging that comes with modern politics. And Hunter's tired of having no one to share his life with.

One fateful night brings these two souls together. One fateful night that changes the course of these two families' fates forever.

For when it comes down to it, will Kerri and Hunter choose their families... or love?

The Complete Dark Horse Trilogy contains all three parts of this contemporary romance serial: WHEN CHEMISTRY WINS, WHEN PASSION FLARES, and WHEN ROMANCE PREVAILS. Get all three parts in one box set for one low price!

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