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            Jasmine did as he asked, turning to that floral painting and pulling her hair off to the side. What am I doing? Accepting such a thing from a stranger? On a first date! What kind of woman was Jasmine setting herself up to be if this was how she now conducted her business relationships? There was no time to ponder this, for Ethan reached around her once more and placed the teardrop ruby on her chest. It settled there nicely, firmly clasping behind her neck.
            Ethan stepped away from her. Jasmine gazed at her minimal reflection in the painting, amazed that such a small trinket could make her feel so dirty inside.
            “I can’t accept this.” Jasmine touched the ruby anyway so she could say she knew what one felt like. “I can’t.”
            “Why not? It looks beautiful on you. I saw it back there and knew you had to have it, because it matched the color of your dress.”
            See, this is why I can’t accept this. This is a man who goes into his bedroom, sees something as precious as this, and gives it to the woman he’s on a first date with. Suffice to say, Jasmine had never received a trinket like this before. “This didn’t belong to your ex, did it?”
            “I don’t know where it came from. Perhaps I bought it for someone else and then never gave it to them. I’m sorry if it offends you. If you really don’t want it, I’ll take it back.”
            Jasmine didn’t say anything once again. She kept finding herself powerless in front of this man. Perhaps she was afraid of offending him. But deep inside, she knew. She couldn’t put it into words, but she knew it wouldn’t mean anything good for her reputation.
            Two hands became acquainted with her two shoulders. Jasmine froze, but she did not protest. Soon she felt his breath on her neck. Feeling him so close only made her weaker.
            Never had Jasmine considered herself a prude. Although she always had a relaxed attitude toward sex, she never indulged in it as much as she wanted. She blamed her hippie parents. The sort of people who change their last name to Bliss. I don’t feel so blissful right now. God knew she wanted to. It seems so wrong. This man wanted to give her money to be in a relationship with him. A ridiculous amount of money. Jasmine only had to say the word and she would soon be stinking rich like him. But at what true cost? Besides, tonight they were only getting to know one another. There was no money — other than the stupid ruby necklace – and as far as the universe knew, Jasmine was merely on a first date with a handsome stranger.
            Yet she admitted that it went against everything she ever knew about herself. Her morals. But the closer his breath got to her skin, and the tighter his arms wrapped around her waist, Jasmine was starting to see his side of things. Things like sex.
            Dear God… Her knees began to buckle as Ethan’s hands gently caressed her arms draping in front of her. Have mercy on me. I’m going in.
            By going in, she meant going farther into Ethan’s embrace as his body wrapped around her and nearly overtook her sanity.
            He began with a soft kiss to the shoulder. Although her skin was not bare there, Jasmine could feel the intent of his action as it pushed against her flesh and threatened to nip the ruby necklace right off her throat. His hands remained on her abdomen, although his fingers dug into her and wanted to lift her skirt. That wasn’t all he wanted. As Jasmine was absorbed into his embrace, she felt him press into her rear, a small grunt uttering from his throat.
            She didn’t want to admit it, but that sensation awoke her, collecting every small piece of herself into the center of her being.
            “Forgive me, Miss Bliss.” Ethan’s voice had dropped an octave and acquired a smooth grain to it. The kind of voice that would usually send Jasmine straight to her bed for some alone time if she heard it in a song or on TV. “I seem to be completely caught up. May I?” His fingers played with the hem of her dress, slowly ascending her thigh. “Nothing too much… yet.”
            That meant there was plenty to come if Jasmine so willed it. For a man who wanted a sub, he was willing to let her call the shots. What shots Jasmine wanted to call right now remained to be seen. She wasn’t even sure herself. Or at least until Ethan placed his lips on her neck, his other hand tugging on the bust of her dress. He was all around her, fighting back his desperation to undress her, to see what she kept beneath shoddy rags.