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"Do you love me?" She stuck her finger in his chest. "Tell me the truth. If you really love me, say it."

For a moment she thought he was going to do it. Say he loved her. His lips parted, his eyes widened, and his hands lowered to his side. For that briefest moment hope swelled in Jasmine's heart. Here it came. What she knew. What he knew. For once, no more games. None!

Ethan closed his mouth again. All that hope? Gone.

And so was Jasmine.


What's supposed to be a great getaway to the Pacific Northwest turns sour when Jasmine realizes she'll never get what she really wants from Ethan - not just his love, but an honest confession of his love. All the money in the world won't behold her to a man who can't admit he loves her!

Just a few weeks shy of their contract ending, Jasmine takes control of her fate, determined to salvage the last of her self-respect. What she doesn't see coming is the dark and foreboding shadow looming at the end of her street.

A man she wants doesn't seem to want her. A man she doesn't want definitely wants her. When Jasmine finds herself in the gaping maw of danger, how will she escape? In the conclusion of THE BILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT, Jasmine is about to receive the financial and emotional payout of her life!

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