Midnight Tango: Dances With The Rock Star Book 1

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If you haven't heard yet, I have launched a new novella trilogy called DANCES WITH THE ROCK STAR. Want some hot Latin men? Want some hot dance smexing? Sign yourself up!


What Olivia Owens cares about: becoming a professional dancer.

What she does not care about: handsome Latin rock stars who can charm their way into any woman's bed.

She's barely heard of Rick Rodriguez before. Something about selling a lot of albums and selling out his first world tour. But Olivia doesn't have time for men. She's got a career to launch, and Rick's latestmusic video for "Midnight Tango" is her chance to strut her stuff.

But the universe is funny about things. The more you push something away, the more likely it is to come bite you in the ass. So Olivia shouldn't be surprised that Rick really lives up to the title of talented dancer. She should be even less surprised that she's falling for the oldest trick in the tango book...

Passion. Vulnerability. The heat of the moment. When combined, any Latin dance will turn two people into an undeniable pair. Olivia wants Rick. Rick wants Olivia. They're about to get really, really close on his first world tour.

The Midnight Tango calls. Will Olivia answer?

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