Dom Vs. Domme: The Deluxe Trilogy

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THE WHOLE EXCITING TRILOGY IN ONE CONVENIENT NOVEL! Now includes BONUS story "Seducing the Billionaire"

Two Billionaires. Two Dominants. One Drunken Bet. 


That feisty blonde making my life hell is Kathryn, a woman whoseduced me twelve years ago. Seduced and left me in one of the most embarrassing situations of my life. 

I don't hold a grudge. Not really. How can I when I still find myself staring at her every time she's around? How can I want her to leave my presence when all I think about is her watching my every move, studying me... wanting me? 

Oh, I still want her. I need to have her like the world needs the sun. There's just one problem. 

She's a Domme. 

I have no idea how to seduce a woman I refuse to let control me. 


Ian is smug, condescending... and so stupidly handsome that I can't stop thinking about him as we work together. When the sparks fly so hot that we finally get what we've wanted for the longest decade ever, I make the greatest mistake of my life. 

I propose a friendly wager that sees the loser submitting to the other for a night. 

I never anticipated losing. 


He's so close that his breath tickles my chin. "That means you and I are a lot more experienced at certain things than we were, what was it, twelve years ago?"


"We're also better at forgiving. So, do you forgive me, Katie?"

I'm not sure what's happening. The room is spinning. Something that feels like fatigue infuses into me. I'm awake, but... what's controlling me? "Forgive you for what?"

"For that day. I forgive you."

Another swallow. My lips are so dry. "Yeah. I forgive you."

"Kiss me."


His hand is squeezing mine so hard that I don't doubt he's bruising the both of us. It hurts. Oh, God, does it hurt. Everything. Everything hurts. My hand, my arm, my heart.

"If you believe me, kiss me."

"And what will that solve?"

There's that shrug. That smug, I-don't-really-care shrug. Except I know he totally cares right now. "Let's find out."

It would be so easy to lean forward and kiss those lips. To know how much experience he now has. To express everything I've learned in the same amount of time.

Like how I've become a Domme.

Dommes don't do this.

They're not seduced by men like Ian. They don't have the control stripped from them, at any time...

Except. Except. Isn't he giving me some control right now? He's left the ball in my court. All I have to do is pick it up and toss it back to him.

I'm in control. Anything that happens from here is because I wanted it to happen.

No regrets.

No fears.

I'm a Domme, which means I know what kind of man Ian is. No matter what happens, he'll take care of me. And I'll take care of him. Mostly that one, because I have been given control.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath. Next thing I know? Boom. My whole life has changed.

And my name is muttered on my lips, Ian Mathers's tongue slipping against mine. The pain in my hand is absolutely exquisite, and I slip far, far into the comfort of something so long ago and familiar.

He's as good a kisser as the girls at school said he was.

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