A Fragile Wife

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The most unconventional marriage around is about to get more complicated...
Swinging isn't easy
 in a world that holds monogamy up as the standard, but for Lana and Ken Andrews, no other kind of marriage could keep them together... or with anyone.

But after a decade of shared mistresses, key parties, and non-stop seduction, Lana Andrews is starting to suspect that something sinister lurks between her husband Ken and their new, younger maid.

Flirt. Swinger. Harpy. Lana has been called a lot of things in her social circles, but like most words, they don't get to her. She knows what she is and how to get what she wants - like the truth lying beneath the web of deceit and lies she's convinced are growing around her.

Yet does the darkness she swears she sees really exist outside of her? Or does it lurk completely within,feeding her delusions and flaming her insecurities?
Just how fragile is Lana? Will the truth shatter her?

Either way, she's determined to find out.