The Billion Dollar Wedding: The Honeymoon Collection

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At the wedding of the year, Jasmine Bliss encounters the unthinkable: a bouquet landing right in her hands!

Not until that moment has she wondered why boyfriend and former boss Ethan Cole, one of the hottest and richest men around, has yet to propose to her. Does he really love her as much as he says he does...

...Or is he thinking what everyone in high society already thinks: that Jasmine's middle-class breeding is good enough for a girlfriend, but heresy for the wife of a billionaire?

Between the potential pitter-patter of little feet, a meddlesome mutual friend, and an ex-girlfriend coming out from the shadows of Ethan's heartbroken past, Jasmine's life suddenly changes in more ways than she could have imagined before!

Mark your calendars, rich and broke alike, because YOU have been invited to THE BILLION DOLLAR WEDDING.

(Now with more cats.)