Christmas With Cassandra


A end of the year tale for Cynthia's biggest fans!

Heiress Cassandra Welsh is back in town after a mysterious disappearance not so long ago. Rumors abound that the serial heartbreaker left with a bun in the oven and returns with a baby on her hip - but who is the father?

Join us as we check in with our favorite billionaire couples from 2016 and discover how each one is connected to Cassandra. Old friends, old lovers, and so much gossip that by the time everyone attends the annual Christmas Gala? The only topic between holiday getaways and plum pudding is Cassandra and the mysterious paternity of her child.

One of the men in Cynthia's billionaire universe is about to find out he's a dad. Who? And how will it affect his life (and relationship) going forward? There's only one way to find out.

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This book continues many spoilers and appearances by couples from other Cynthia Dane books. It is aimed at readers who have enjoyed many of her other stories.