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All I wanted was a love life...

Sarah Clayborn's encounter with Lucas Blackbourne was supposed to be a one-time affair. A tenuous balm on her frigid heart that refuses to heal. But when she returns to work Monday morning and discovers that Lucas is helping her boss for the foreseeable future?

Two halves start to become whole again. And it's not pretty.

Why the hell does he want me so much!

So begins the courtship that was never meant to be. Whether reading between the lines or between the sheets, Lucas has no idea who Sarah really is or what she's been through. Nor does she know to what extent he's willing to fight for the people he loves.

"What do you want, Angel?" he always asks me.

What does Sarah want? Choice. A future. A sense of belonging in a world often too cruel to bear.

To be empowered.

But she can't reclaim her life on her own.