NEW RELEASE: With This Ring

Attraction has nothing to do with it. Until it does. 


Down-on-her-luck heiress Nicole Delaney can't take another hit. First, her dad dies, leaving in his wake a million debts that wipe out the family coffers. Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, she now lives in a cramped downtown apartment with her mother. No privacy, and no money! 

Only thing worse? Her professors in her fashion school telling her to pick a new job! 

Nicole is simultaneously too old to rely on her sickly mother, and also too young to have a real chance to free herself from this unfortunate situation. So what does her mother do? 

Call the matchmaker. Surely, there's some rich guy out there looking for a hot, young wife... 


The once-homeless Jenny Bishop now has it all: a bustling business as a fashion designer, enough money to keep her housed and fed for life, and access to everything she couldn't have as a foster kid. 

Except... there's one thing missing. A family. 

Whether broke or investing millions back into her business, Jenny continues to search for that elusive family she's always dreamed of having. When time gets in the way of traditional dating, she hits up a matchmaker with the hopes that there's one woman out there willing to wed a lesbian like her. 


Nicole only agrees to marry Jenny to get her money, but what quickly unfolds is a genuine attraction that blindsides formerly-frigid Nicole and blinds Jenny to the logical solutions she desires. How can they think about a logical marriage of convenience when they're too busy jetting off to Hawaii for inspiration and... "inspiration?" 

Too bad. Because one of the nastiest women to ever play with a billion dollars is on a mission to destroy their blossoming love. So much for that June wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii!

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