NEW RELEASE: Now & Forever

What do you do when everything – and yet nothing – changes?

Seven years ago, bartender Gwen met a customer who would change her life forever. The charming and handsome James Merange, the only child of a local business dynasty, won her heart and convinced her to become his one and only. 

Too bad his family – and one other – had different ideas.

Over seven years, Gwen had learned that she has no power in her partner’s family. If they want the perfect, genetically engineered grandson of their dreams, they get it – even if it means going behind James and Gwen’s back to inseminate an old childhood friend. If they want to humiliate the woman who Never Belonged, they find a way. And if they want Gwen gone?

No amount is too little to get rid of Gwen Mitchell.

While James balances surprise fatherhood with the love of his life, Gwen debates whether it’s best to stay with the man she loves and trusts unlike any other… or to leave, effectively closing that chapter of her life.

But James isn’t about to let her go. Now, and forever.

NOW & FOREVER details the aftermath of the Christmas story CHRISTMAS WITH CASSANDRA. However, it is not necessary to read that book to enjoy Gwen and James’s first story. Includes bonus flashbacks to the start of their relationship!