Today I would like to share with everyone a little excerpt that comes straight from WHEN CHEMISTRY WINS, the first installment of The Dark Horse Trilogy.

Be warned: it's a tad hot!

             Hunter put his hand on her shoulder, gentle, but firm. “Perhaps we could know each other better,” he said, urgency suppressed in his voice. “I mean that maybe we could go out sometime. If you’re not seeing someone right now.”
            “No.” Too quick to say it. Kerri faced him again, encountering those eyes piercing into her and making her feel blessedly small in his presence. “No to seeing someone, that is.” Her last boyfriend was months ago. Nothing serious. They barely had a roll in the hay before Kerri realized he was a complete bore.
            Hunter, on the other hand…
            Maybe it was hormones. They were known to make her wild at times. Now she was becoming wild in the wrong places. “I’m also afraid that I’ll be quite busy.” A half lie. Oh, she would be busy… with her father’s campaign, as much as she didn’t want to be involved. “That is, I won’t have much time for dating. Being so keen on politics, you know how election season is. My father wouldn’t like me seeing someone while the press is scrutinizing our every movement.”
            “I see.” Hunter cleared his throat. “Excuse me then, Miss Mitchell. I won’t take up much more of your time.”
            He was almost behind a hedge when Kerri took a step after him. “Wait!” she called, stopping him before he could leave as quickly as he arrived. When he turned, they shared a gaze that burst in flames between them.
            To hell with it. Kerri had done dumber things in the name of some fun.
            She snatched his hand and brought him into the shadows of the corner, where she could not see Hunter’s face, but she could feel the strength in his arms and in the rest of him as it pressed her against the wall.
            The moment Hunter understood what she was after, he kissed her, Kerri’s arms wrapping around his broad shoulders as his physical power passed into her veins.
            What a bad girl I am! Kerri would laugh if she could, but her mouth was exploring the stubble on Hunter’s chin as his wandered toward her throat. Oh, dear, if we’re caught… There was a thrill in it, knowing that the consequences were so terrible. The governor’s daughter making out with some random young stranger while her father’s fundraising dinner went on only a ways away? If they were caught, her father’s campaign may already be up in smoke. Imagine the scandal in the newspapers and on the tabloid sites!
            As much as this made the situation hotter, Kerri had to admit that she would do this even if the stakes weren’t so high.
            For Hunter was strong enough to hold her against the wall, pulling her leg and skirt up as they made hasty work of exploring each other’s skin. Not that Kerri could see anything clearly in this darkness. But she kind of liked not knowing what each part of him looked like – only felt like. I’ve never done it like this before. Nor had she ever had a partner like Hunter, who softly asked if he could fondle her while they nipped each other’s lips. “I don’t see why not,” she said, wrapping one leg around his waist. She urged her pelvis forward, wondering if she could feel his yet. Not quite. What a disappointment it would be if she never could. “I really don’t.” Of course she saw many reasons to not do this. Most of them were in the Governor’s Mansion, probably assuming that the First Daughter was still a virgin.

            This was way more fun than sitting in that dining room any longer.